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On this page you can create your ribbon.

Satin ribbon


Here you can choose the color of your ribbon. Please keep in mind that not every printcolour can be printed on the ribbon colours. If a printcolour cannot be printed on a specific ribbon colour you will get an error message stating that you need to change the ribbon or printcolour accordingly.


Here you can choose your desired ribbon width.


Choose the quantity in metres you want to order.


Here you choose the distance in between prints. You can also adjust this by moving the orange triangles at the bottom of the page.


Here you can add additional information to your order. If this states a certain repetition length or maybe a request for a special font we will always contact you if this is not possible.



Here you can choose the printcolour.


Here you can enter your text. The text can be 45cm long, not taken into account the fontsize.It could be possible that your text doesn't fit if the fontsize is to large, therefore we recommend that you adjust the fontsize to fit.


here you can choose your font.


Here you can choose your fontsize.


Here you can choose a shape if desired.

Print with custom logo

Here you can upload your logo.




If everything is set to your satisfaction you can add tobasket and go to the order-page. Here you choose your adress and/or shipping adress, and choose your prefered payment option. In Multisafepay we provide you with the most common payment options.By clicking on confirm you can review your order and make sure everything is correct.After confirming this you are redirected to our payment server, wehre the transaction can be completed.

Your order will normaly ship within 2 working days. You will receive an email with the invoice. If we can't deliver on time you will be contacted accordingly.





Your order will be shipped with DPD.

The shipping costs for The Netherlands and Belgium are € 2,80 incl. VAT

If we need to ship your order to a different adress you can state that information on the order page.

Your ordefr will be shipped within 2 working days, if not we will inform you accordingly.

Please look at the calender on the order page, if ywe receive your order after 14:00u the shipping date will change.

Preclusion from right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is precluded since the products are manufactured a specially for the consumer.



We have chosen to work with Multisafepay as our paymentservice. It contains the most common methods such as:
Visa, Giropay, Wallet, Ideal, Directbank, Banktrans, Maestro, Mastercard, Mistercash.
You will automatically be linked tou our secure paymentprovider.