FAQ - Printyourribbon

Question: What is the usual length of a wristband for adults/children?
Answer: The usual length is approximately 30cm, this length allows for the wristband to be fastened with a clip or tied easily.

Question: Can I pay by invoice?
Answer: Unfortunately you cannot. However, you can choose to pay afterwards via Klarna. You can select this option at some point during the ordering process.

Question: Where do I find the price of a product/ribbon?
Answer: Prices are mentioned with every product/ribbon on the website.

Question: Can I place a repeat order?
Answer: We are currently working on a way for customers to make a log-in that will allow you to find your previous order(s) quickly and in an orderly way. You will also be able to find and/or alter your previous order(s) and re-order them if you want to.

Question: Can I select a different font than the ones on the list?
Answer: If you want a specific font you can indicate this in the field ‘comments’ and use ‘Arial’ as a font in the editor. It might be that we do not have the font you want in our system or that we are not allowed to use the font. If this is the case we will inform you.

Question: I uploaded my logo, but it has a white background. Will it be alright?
Answer: We always make sure your logo is printed onto the ribbon correctly. If we are unable to use the logo you uploaded, we will contact you.

Question: I uploaded my logo but it is placed a bit awkwardly?
Answer: This can have several reasons. We always make sure that the logo is printed in the centre of the ribbon.

Question: I want my print to be in a specific pantone colour, is that possible?
Answer: Yes, but only if you order 500 metres or more. You can send an e-mail to info@printjelint.nl to get an indication of the price and the possibilities.

Question: I need 30 metres, but I can only choose between 25 and 50 metres?
Answer: We have different prices for different steps. Your discount will increase if you order more metres. We chose to make steps of 25 metres. Our materials are also adjusted to 25-metre steps.

Question: I would like to have the text printed on two lines, but I can’t do it in the editor.
Answer: You can indicate that you want a 2nd line of text and type the text in the ‘comments’ field. We will make sure the line is printed on the ribbon.

Question: I want to make bows out of the satin ribbon. How many cm do I need to make a bow?
Answer: For one bow you will need, on average, 45 cm.

Question: I am looking for a specific colour for my ribbon, but I can’t find it in the editor. Is it possible to get the colour I want?
Answer: It is possible to print a ribbon in a specific colour, but we do apply a minimum depending on the width of the ribbon. For more information you can contact our customer service via info@printyourribbon.com